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Here's the first slashdot post about Napster:

Posted by Nathan on Tuesday November 16, @09:25PM

from the Digital-Hot40 dept. capncook writes "There is a cool new tool out there called Napster that allows anyone to become a publicly accessible FTP site- tapping in to that huge resource of personal mp3 collections that everyone has, but have not been able to share. It's still in beta, but the bugs are mostly harmless, and it certainly does the job- although no Linux version is yet available. RIAA should be scared out of their minds because users are not logged on permanently, so it's hard to track them down to take legal action."

Funny that they compare it to FTP... And the first post about Gnutella:

Posted by Hemos on Tuesday March 14, @11:31AM

from the cool-idea dept. Luminescent writes "Nullsoft, in their new company, "Gnullsoft", just released an open source Napster clone. It does mp3s, movies, and any other format you could want. " More details: Gnutella is currently at version .48. Presently, they are finishing the version on-hand and will be doing a release at 1, along with the source, which is *not* currently availible. In addition to releasing the source at version 1, they will be releasing the client for other OSes. Presently, it's a Windows-only thing. Despite all of these drawbacks, this is an interesting move from WinAmp->Netscape->AOL->Time-Warner. Or whatever they are today.

Funny that they don't mention anything except that it's a "Napster clone".

Should k2b be billed as a "Napster clone", just to help people understand it? Probably not, since there are so many Napster or Gnutella clones out there these days. But you're right: people understood these soon-to-be-earth-shattering technologies by comparing them to what they already knew.

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