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So, HTML in comments is grand. Your subscribers can see beautifully laid-out information in their inbox (picture of you, clickable links, etc). However, we're stripping HTML tags out of comments in the catcher (and for good reason, so that broken HTML in comments doesn't break the catcher layout, and so that spammers cannot send HUGE TEXT and graphics [porn pictures <IMG SRC'd right there in the catcher!]). Okay, so that makes links a bit painful to follow (copy/paste).

One idea for subscription info is a separate field in a PB. But this involves major changes throughout kast and k2b (the protocol, the BC form, the catcher, etc.)---it doesn't seem worth it for such a minor feature. Also, if we treat this URL generically and display it as a "subscription info" link, it could be abused easily by spammers (they could send a link directly to their porn site, and such a link would be displayed as "subscription info"). If we let senders name their link along with giving a URL, we'll have the same problem (because spammers will name their links in misleading ways). That means we'll have to show the full URL, which will take up a lot of space in a field by itself. Comparing this to "click to subscribe" in the catcher, at least users know what will happen when they "click to subscribe" (they'll get subscribed). "Click for info" could lead to pop-up hell.

Here's a compromise:

We strip HTML tags out of the catcher, as usual. After that, we look through the remaining comment text for anything starting with "http://". We turn those URLs into links. We make the HTML for the link, so it's safe to display. Thus, links in comments are still clickable.

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Last edited February 6, 2003 7:30 am (diff)