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"Q:" in kast/receiver_keys/ , why are some of my keys 184 bytes, while others are 320 bytes?


Q: Is it possible to edit a broadcast and change the broadcast times, say from continuous to once an hour? And if so what happens to the users currently recieving the broadcast, will the client resume or start over?

Q: Is the kast client smart enough to ignore already downloaded, but perhaps also deleted, stuff that is rebroadcasted over a subscribed to channel?

A: Yes. Once you receive a file, you will never receive it again, even after you delete it through kast's UI. When you delete a received file (or cancel an in-transit file), kast saves a .canceled file into your received folder's data directory. If you want to receive this file again sometime in the future, you should manually delete the .canceled file. To prevent re-receiving a deleted file, you must delete the file through kast's UI. Deleting the file manually through the filesystem will bypass kast's deletion detection.

Q: The web site says that k2b is the only P2P that doesn't require you to download any software.

Am I mistaken in thinking that I have to download kast, b/c that seems to be what all the other pages say.

A: The FAQ says that kast is the only native p2p app that can run on all modern computer

platforms without additional software. Of course, you have to download kast, but the word additional makes this clear.

Q: Has anyone else had trouble compiling the lastest version for Solaris?

A: Yes. There was a bug in the makefile for Solaris (a library inclusion was missing). This issue should be resolved in latest version, which is available through CVS. Also, keep in mind that Solaris is not an officially supported platform, so your mileage may vary.

Q: What port(s) would I need open on my firewall for konspire to function properly?

A: You only need to open port 6085, assuming that you are connecting to your web UI locally. If you are planning to connect to your web UI remotely, you should also open port 8085.

Q: I'm behind a firewall with port 6085 already in use (someone else using konspire2b). How do I set konspire to use a different port?

A: look in the file "kast.ini". Both ports, the port for the web UI (8085) and the port for the k2b network (6085), are set in there. Simply change the appropriate port number and then restart kast.

Q: Why is kast taking up 25-30% of my CPU cycles, when it isn't doing anything other than gathering pre-broadcast information, and I am only subscribed to the initial 3 channels.

A: Network traffic on k2b was high following the recent Slashdotting, and many people were sending out prebroadcasts that repeat constantly. Also, the default setting for kast was to maintain 10 active connections. This may be too many connections for a high-traffic network. Try trimming down your number of active connections to 5. Each open connection increases the number of messages that your node will have to process per second.

Q: Is it assumed that everybody will know how to install this without any instructions whatsoever? I run a Linux box that already runs a Web server. Just untarring the file and opening "openMe.html" doesn't get it. I put it under the root directory of my Web server and that wasn't any better. If you intend this for actual use, please provide some documentation. If it's your private experiment, then you don't need to do that and I don't need to fool with it anymore.

A: The software is still in beta testing, so it hasn't been fully polished for full scale release, but to answer your question, the kast server runs on port 8085 (by default), so you need to a) start the kast server (it's binary file named kast in the kast directory tree), then b), point your broswer to http://localhost:8085 [NOTE: this answer isn't from the auhor]

From author: this is explained on the download page.

"Q:" in kast/receiver_keys/ , why are some of my keys 184 bytes, while others are 320 bytes?

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