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ContentSource Class Reference

#include <ContentSource.h>

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Public Methods

virtual ~ContentSource ()
virtual unsigned long getBytesRemaining ()=0
virtual int readContent (unsigned char *outDestinationBuffer, unsigned long inBytesToRead)=0
virtual void skipContent (unsigned long inBytesToSkip)=0
virtual void restart ()=0
virtual void clear ()=0
virtual ContentSource* copy ()=0

Detailed Description

Interface for a class that can provide buffers full of content.

Jason Rohrer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ContentSource::~ContentSource ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void ContentSource::clear ( ) [pure virtual]

Destroys the content underlying this source.

For example, if this content source reads from a file on disk, calling clear() on this source will remove the file from the disk.

Calling clear() may render a content source unusable.

ContentSource * ContentSource::copy ( ) [pure virtual]

Makes a deep copy of this source.

a   copy of this source. Must be destroyed by caller.

unsigned long ContentSource::getBytesRemaining ( ) [pure virtual]

Gets the number of bytes remaining to be read.

the number of bytes remaining.

int ContentSource::readContent ( unsigned char * outDestinationBuffer,
unsigned long inBytesToRead ) [pure virtual]

Reads a buffer full of content.

outDestinationBuffer   the buffer to place the read bytes in. Must be allocated and destroyed by caller.
inBytesToRead   the number of bytes to read into outDestinationBuffer.

the number of bytes read successfully.

void ContentSource::restart ( ) [pure virtual]

Restarts this content source so that readContent will re-read the first byte.

void ContentSource::skipContent ( unsigned long inBytesToSkip ) [pure virtual]

Skips content.

inBytesToSkip   the number of bytes to skip.

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