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konspire2b_cpp_only.h File Reference

#include "ContentSource.h"

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void k2bInitiateBroadcast (char *inChannelName, char *inBroadcastName, char *inBroadcastComment, ContentSource *inContentSource, char *inContentType)

Detailed Description

This file contains a more advanced broadcast initiation function that requires C++.

Jason Rohrer

Function Documentation

void k2bInitiateBroadcast ( char * inChannelName,
char * inBroadcastName,
char * inBroadcastComment,
ContentSource * inContentSource,
char * inContentType )

Sends a broadcast, specifying a content source instead of a file. This version of initiateBroadcast allows for content that is not in a file (for example, content that is generated on the fly).

Note: If a sender key exists for the specified channel, it will be used to sign the broadcast.

inChannelName   the channel to send the broadcast on.
inBroadcastName   the name of the broadcast (for example, the file name, if appropriate).
inBroadcastComment   the comment for the broadcast.
inContentSource   the source for the content. Will be destroyed by the callee.
inContentType   the MIME type of the content, or NULL if the content has no type.

 k2bInitiateBroadcast( "testChan",
                       "This is a test broadcast.",
                       new FileContentSource(
                           new File( NULL, "myFile.txt" ) ),
                       "text/plain" );

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